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Boom Banga Bang combines two wonderful South American coffees and a beautiful coffee from southern India. The first is a naturally processed Brazilian from Serra do Cabral in the Minas Gerais region. At 1100 metres above sea level, this lush and fertile area has the perfect micro climate to grow stunning coffee. The second is a Colombian from the Department of Antioquia in the northwest of the country. Growing at around 1700 metres above sea level in mountains that make up part of the Andes, the cooler evenings and volcanic soils combine to create near perfect conditions for growing coffee. The third is a washed coffee from the Bibi plantation, this coffee adds body and bite. You can expect an espresso with great body, a beautifully balanced acidity, and notes of marzipan, dark chocolate and cherry. It is equally delicious with milk or straight up black!

Cafe Suppresso – Pay it forward

We offer a pay it forward scheme where you can purchase a drink for yourself and for someone in need


Meet Your Baker


I studied catering and hospitality for 3 years at the Norfolk & Norwich, after that I joined the Army as a chef and served 22 years all over the world, when my time came to an end and I joined my husband in what became "bakeoffee" . The name changed when I joined because we changed from just a coffee shop to a coffee shop and bakery hence the name.
This new way of life is very different to what I did before but I love what I do ( even with the 5am alarm), the customers who keep coming back for the bread and goodies, the sence of community all of which is very important to us.

The Bakery

Oven fresh cakes, bread and pastries.

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Made to order

Beautifully handmade food for you.


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Speak to us today for your special orders today, we make everything fresh for every occasion from cakes, afternoon tea and homemade meals.

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